Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Carmel Apple Cheesecake

Happy New Year!
A new year that brings new adventures/opportunites/life lessons, etc. I'm up for the challenge, are you? My biggest challenge recently is DSL...yes, I've been an loyal customer since AT&T merged with yahoo (is that dating me or what?...) but I finally think I'm going to have to give it up!! I've been having MAJOR connection problems and its been especially at its worse since I've been off on vacation since Dec 21...grrrrrrr! I called them to come out and take a look but of course they claim that my 'signal' is strong from the outside but it might be a issue inside and I'd have to pay the extra cost for a technican to troubleshoot inside...well when I found out that it was going to cost me $75/hr for him to just LOOK AROUND whether he finds something or not...I told him to stay outside!! :) I mean really...I'm no computer geek but I'm not stupid either. So it looks like I need to do some research on cable internet but now the issue is...I have the 'Dish'!!!

Can you see where my new year is going thus far??? So I just said, screw it all, went into the kitchen and whipped up a Paula-Dean-feel-good recipe -- Carmel Apple Cheesecake. I've made this recipe several times and its delicious every time, not to mention super duper easy, kinda like a cheater's version of making 'original' cheesecake. Soo creamy and yummy!!! I didn't change a thing to this recipe so I've just provided the link...ENJOY

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